Some additional details about the blog

My name is Paul Stillman, and this is my blog. This goal of this blog is to provide deep dives on issues of data, statistics, computational modeling, and whatever else I feel like writing about. My general approach for writing a post is either something I would have liked to have had 5 years ago, or something I feel like learning. Any errors, questions, or suggestions for future posts can be emailed to me at paul.e.stillman@gmail.com or paul.stillman@yale.edu.

About the Author

I am currently a post-doc in Marketing at the Yale School of Management. I received my PhD in social psychology from Ohio State University and my BA in psychology from Cornell University. My research takes a computational approach to understanding how individuals navigate conflicting motivations. Using dynamic measures of behavior (e.g., mouse-tracking), real choices (e.g., field and lab experiments), and neuroscience methods, my work aims to build a unified understanding of how individuals manage and prioritize the complex array of goals towards which they strive. Ultimately, I hope to empower individuals to make decisions that will allow them to reach their long-term goals efficiently and sustainably. My google scholar page can be found here, and copies of my publications and my CV can be found on my personal website: www.paulstillman.com.